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Keeping your environment clean, whether your home, school, or office, is of utmost importance. We, at Smart Facility Services, are equipped with the right expertise to help take that task off your hands, in Melbourne. Rubbish removal can be a tricky and risky task. Each type of waste disposal requires different expertise and process to be handled. For instance, waste removal of a household differs from rubbish removal on a construction site. Rubbish in a household could include cardboard, stationary, furniture, food, plastics etc. Construction site rubbish includes debris, broken glass, metals etc. Our cleaning experts are skilled and experienced in the field of waste removal, ensuring your space is hygienic and sparkling clean.

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If you’re looking for a quick waste removal service, but also in an eco-friendly manner, you’ve come to the right place. At Smart Facility Services, our experts take great measures to ensure rubbish removal is done in a safe, effective manner. We offer green waste disposal, so that you have a clean home, and you end up helping the environment. The same-day rubbish removal option is also available to help you get rid of the nasty garbage at a moment’s notice, whether you’re moving houses or cleaning up after a party. Our experts strive to ensure rubbish removal happens in minimal time, causing least hinderance in your daily life. In today’s fast-paced life, in an exciting city like Melbourne, small things make a big difference. Let us save your precious time by taking care of waste removal, so that you can cross off one thing on your to-do list. Our customer-friendly prices and our cleaning team’s expertise are there to help you with maintaining the beauty and hygiene of your surroundings. Call now on 0430 588 425 or drop an email us at to see which option best suits your needs.


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