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A clean home is a happy and healthy home. As homeowners, most people try to clean their houses and maintain cleanliness and hygiene. This removes dust and dirt to a large extent, but it is not enough. Only superficial dirt is removed during a manual cleaning regime.

However, there still exists dust particles in crevices and hidden corners. Similarly, bacteria and fungi float around in the atmosphere and breed on suitable moist ground, which can lead to severe health implications. In such scenarios, it is ideal to hire a professional house cleaning service for an all-rounded cleaning approach.

The search for an affordable home cleaning service ends with Smart Facility Services. Led by a team of experienced professional cleaners, we do more than just clean your homes or offices; we rejuvenate the aura of your space. We are equipped with modern equipment and specialisein performing niche cleaning tasks. Some of our leading services include move in or move out cleaning, house cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, pressure wash cleaning, builder cleaning and end of lease cleaning.

 Home Cleaning Service Melbourne

Following are some tips on choosing the right house cleaners.
1. Certification – Browse through their website and ensure that they are certified to perform house cleaning services. A certification ensures that they are professionally qualified to do the same and hence one can be at peace.
2. References – There is nothing better than hiring a house cleaner that has been recommended by a known person. It assures you that they have been tried and tested and guarantees a certain level of satisfaction.
3. Insurance – Home cleaning is a usual process, but they do employ equipment and products to facilitate the process. Therefore, it is good to look for a house cleaning service that offers an insurance coverage just in case the cleaning process results in any damage to life or property.
4. Experienced – Experience is key to hiring any service. The more the experience, the better and faster their work will be.
5. Flexibility – Look for a house cleaner that can suit your requirements and timing so that you can get them to adjust around your availability.

Book your fantastic home cleaning service with expert cleaners!

We understand the importance of hygiene and cleanliness in your homes and hence we take utmost care in cleaning every inch and leaving your home squeaky clean and safe. Smart Facility Services is a trusted brand among homeowners in Melbourne. All our products are safe and pose no risks for your life or property. Quality is our primary concern and we render services at affordable rates, to accommodate our wide customer base.

Contact us today to hire our cleaners for your home cleaning needs. You can contact us on 0430 588 425 or write to us if you have any questions.


Get Amazing Cleaning

in 3 simple steps

Pick a Suitable Plan

Look up the reviews on a service provider on their website and other forum sites. This will give you an idea on the quality of services and the customer feedback on them.

Set Your Schedule

Try to ask the service provider about the various services they offer and the years of experience they have in the same. See if they do a site visit and give you an estimate budget.

Get Things Done

Your service provider should be able to understand your needs and requirements. This is vital for the smooth flow of communication and effective completion of work.