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Cleaning is an essential activity in your home or office. Every homeowner cleans their house and they employ workers who clean their office spaces on an everyday basis. However, for a more intense cleaning process, there are professional office cleaning services or builder cleaning services.

Smart Facility Services is a Pakenham-based professional cleaning service. We are led by a team of experts who can undertake all kinds of domestic and commercial cleaning activities. They are equipped to perform dedicated cleaning activities in your space, and they bring with them all the requisite tools and products required for it. One can also opt for specialised cleaning activities such as carpet cleaning, end of lease cleaning, pressure wash and so on.

Several homes and offices have carpeted floors, which adds to the aesthetics and protects the floor. Though they are convenient, they can also accumulate a lot of dust over time. While small carpeted areas can be cleaned manually, one needs to hire a professional cleaning service to attend to large spaces. Some of the benefits of hiring a carpet cleaning service is as below.

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1. Extends the life of carpet – Regular, proper cleaning of your carpet aids in extending its lifetime. Dirt, grime, and other debris will accumulate in the weaves of the carpet and will eventually deteriorate the quality and look of the carpet. Hence, removing this will keep the carpet in good condition. Professional carpet cleaning services use specialised methods such as hot water extraction to suck out all the debris in carpet, leaving them fresh and clean.

2. Healthier environment – When a carpet is left uncleaned for extended periods, the particles float around in the air, causing allergies and respiratory issues. The high-temperature water cleaning methods employed by carpet cleaners will eliminate the allergens and kills the microbes, thus making it a healthier space.

3. Eliminates Carpet Stains – As these people employ specialised cleaning methodologies, it removes any tough stains or blemishes such as coffee spills, dirt and mud streaks, ink blotches, pet stains, wine patches, and so on. This means your carpet is made to look as good as new.

4. No Residues – Professional cleaning services employ only the best equipment and products for their cleaning jobs. Hence, they do not leave any residue behind on the carpet. This might not be the case if one tries to attempt cleaning their carpets using OTC products.

5. Reduces Traffic Lane Effects – The areas on the carpet that is most frequently trodden upon tends to collect more dirt and can vary in colour when compared to the areas with less traffic. Professional carpet cleaners pay attention to this and clean out them thoroughly and even restore the fibres.

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We render services such as move in and move out cleaning, house cleaning, Office Cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, pressure wash cleaning, builders cleaning, End of Lease Cleaning, and more. Smart Facility Services employs the best of technology and equipment and uses only branded products in all our cleaning services, which guarantee optimum cleaning with no damage or health concerns.

While offering quality service to our customers, we strive to remain pocket-friendly and are rated the most affordable cleaning service in the region. Get in touch with us today on 0430 588 425 to hire our cleaning services.


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