Quick and Efficient After-Builder Cleaning Service in Melbourne

An after-builder cleaning service refers to the cleaning done right after the builder finishes the construction of a building – be it a home or an office. This style of cleaning takes place in two phases. In the first phase or the rough cleaning phase, all the large debris, waste, and garbage is collected and removed from the site. The second phase deals with detailed cleaning activities such as clearing splatters on windows, straightening grout lines, and removing grout haze on tiles, detailing of tiles, paint marks from floorboards etc.

This is an extensive process and lays a lot of attention to detail. As the construction is just over, there is possibility of dust, grime, and dirt on all surfaces, which might mar the actual look. Our cleaners strive to wash, clean, and polish all the surfaces to render its original look. This is a labour-intensive process and employs specialised machinery and equipment to complete the tasks.

Builder Cleaning Service Melbourne

The following are some tasks performed during an after-builder cleaning service:

  1. De-taping and cleaning of internal windows and frames.
  2. Wiping of all surfaces to make sure the building is dust free. Cupboards, fixtures, and fittings will be vacuumed, and doors washed, or damp wiped on both sides.
  3. Sweeping and mopping of the floors to remove residues, paint, and plaster.
  4. Removal of fingerprints and other marks from ceiling panels.
  5. Cleaning of glass partitions and doors.
  6. Wiping and dry buffing of tile walls in toilets and showers. Cleaning of sanitary ware and shower heads, and removal of any labels.
  7. Professional cleaning including de-taping and cleaning of glass and frames of outside windows.
  8. Buffing and polishing of hard floors.

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Smart Facility Cleaning Services is a Melbourne-based cleaning service provider that offers cleaning solutions to domestic, corporate, and industrial clients. We are led by a team of experts who come with the technical knowledge on how to clean various client locations and surfaces. We are equipped with cutting-edge technology and machinery that can offer safe and seamless cleaning solutions that are on par with global standards. Our technicians, besides their unparalleled expertise, take the utmost precaution and care to ensure that there is no damage caused during our cleaning activities. We use branded and safe products that are guaranteed to clean surfaces without causing any chemical reactions or abrasions. As an environment-friendly organisation, we use sustainable products that pose no health hazards to humans or to the environment. Smart Facility Cleaning Services undertakes a plethora of services such as move in or move out cleaning, house cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, pressure wash cleaning, builder cleaning, end of lease cleaning, construction cleaning and so on.

A fast-growing city that Melbourne is, there are several new offices, buildings, and homes being constructed around the year. Construction activities leaves behind piles of debris, dust, and dirt at the site, and understanding this trend, Smart Facility Cleaning Services is well-appointed with a team of skilled personnel and top-notch equipment specialised to attend to builders cleaning services across the region. We reach the site with the requisite resources and complete the job in minimal time. We assure you a complete and thorough cleaning regime in our builder cleaning service that eliminates every bit of debris and grime at the site, leaving it sparkling clean. With our exceptional services, rest assured that the original colour and glow of the structure and surfaces is highlighted, making them breathable and habitable.

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